12 May - Tugela


Designed On Purpose

The Designed on Purpose conference is a passage a man takes over the course of two days discovering that he has been tailor-made with very specific talents, abilities and gifts to be used in accordance with God’s master plan. He learns that that we were not meant to wander through life trusting in chance for a “big break” or to be “discovered”.

Session 1 - By Design Or Chance?

In this session a man comes to realise that he was created with purpose in mind. Nothing is left to chance! God was not caught off-guard by his arrival but rather his arrival is a significant link in God’s master plan.

Session 2 - Purpose Profile - 1

A man is introduced to the truth that our strengths, talents and abilities are directly linked to Gods master plan. God has a strategy to help him discover his role in this master plan.

Session 3 – The Purpose Profile 2:

In this session we reveal a process whereby God our Commander in Chief has a strategy to help us discover our profile, develop it and reach a point where we are fully established to carry out His plan for our life.

Session 4 – To See

“Our ability to see the past is our memory, our ability to see into the future is our dreams”. - Rick Warren. When our dreams talk to our God-given profile the impossible becomes powerless as God is able through His power within us to carry out His purpose.