Designed on Purpose” is a course designed to help men, through the discovery of their Motivational Gifts and the Dreams that fire their hearts, to successfully discover and pursue their purpose.


Module 1: By Chance or By Design

Does God really have a plan for my life?


Module 2: Analysis - Discovering my Gift

So now I know why I respond to situations and circumstances the way I do!


Module 3: The Heart - God’s Canvas

My heart houses the DNA for my destiny


Module 4: Dreams & Desires 

The blue print for my life is translated through my dreams and desires


Module 5: Prophetic Team Ministry

A time for prophetic encouragement!


Module 6: The Dream Journey

So that’s how God gets the glory!


Module 7: Change & Visioneering

I need to change to become the man God can use!


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The Course will:

* Help you identify your Motivational Gifts.

* Help motivate you to develop and use your abilities, gifts and talents for God’s purposes.

* Help you gain a greater trust in God’s will/plan for your life.

* Help you gain a deeper desire for God’s plans and purposes for your life.

* Guide you in discovering dreams that are most appropriate for you.

Gavin Janssens

MOV FOUNDING TRUSTEE, Designed On Purpose Course!