The Game Changer

The Game Changer Conference is designed to help a man “understand the signs of the times”

[1 Chronicles 12:32]. With this knowledge and in co-operation with the Holy Spirit he will be able to carry out the best course of action when opportunities present themselves, becoming an effective game changer in his area of influence for Christ. The world he lives in gets to experience Christ’s system of living and blessing.


Session 1 – The Game Changer

We have been given a special set of skills unique to us. Opportunities designed for those special skills cross our paths, yet so often we let them slip by unnoticed or because we don’t categorize them as ours. In this session, we will discover how to increase our awareness and recognition of these game-changing opportunities God has created for us to participate in.


Session 2 – The Game before the Game

Sports coaches often say, “You practice the way you want to play, and you play the way you practiced”. The intensity you bring to a practice session is determined by the hope, expectation, and anticipation you have for the game. In this session, we want to help you co-operate with the Holy Spirit as you practice for the game of your life.

Session 3 – Game Time!

It’s game time, you are standing in the tunnel prickling with nervous energy. There is a roar in the stadium as the spectators hear the announcement that you are about to run out. Your heart is beating, there is an anxiousness inside of you asking the question, “Am I good enough, can I do this, or will I let everyone down?” This is no different to any God-given opportunity presented before us. The circumstances cause us to weigh up the comfort of where we are against the risk of an occasion we have never ventured into. This session will help you embrace that game-changing risk.

Session 4 – Rewilding the Tamed Heart

So often matches are played to a specific game plan. Usually one hatched to take advantage of the weaknesses of your opposing team. As the match draws to an end and the result still very much in the balance, a decision has to be made on how to play out the rest of the game. Do you play it safe within the confines of the game plan, knowing that you will give it your best shot under the circumstances presented, or do you risk it and play a game-changing move? The sessions until now will have helped you determine the season you are in and this session will give you the confidence to make the right choice.

15 - 16 MARCH 2019