Men of Valour is a ‘friendship of men’ who meet together regularly to support one another in discovering their unique purpose. The honesty in the friendships forged provides encouragement, wise counsel and support, allowing each man to move forward with greater assurance that their decisions are reflecting God’s will and that they are accomplishing something significant in their lives. A friend has an invitation to speak honestly, and without offence, into the life of another friend, challenging him to be the best version (God’s version) of himself as he pursues his Godly dreams, ambitions and goals.

Our Vision

To see men energised and fulfilled as they walk in the unique plans and purposes that God has designed for them.

Our Mission

To help men discover their unique strengths and talents which unlock God’s purpose for each of their lives and to give them the tools to confidently and courageously navigate the journey of fulfilling God’s plan for their lives.

Our Purpose

To see God’s kingdom advance through men who are secure in their identity and who know their purpose.





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  1. A survey of over 10 million business people crossing over countries and cultures was conducted by Gallup and only just under 3 million people were found to be engaged in positions using their strengths. That equates to less than a third of our men who are engaged in God’s purpose for their life. (That is if you believe God uses you in your area of strength – which we do).
  2. What is more startling about the survey is that as men get older, the percentage drops even further as they accept engagements and opportunities (promotions) that move them out of their gifting/strength leaving them less interested and engaged in their employment, three times more likely to be off work sick and with fewer positive and creative moments, causing them to achieve less on a daily basis. The study goes on to show that this has other serious implications regarding confidence, hope and, ultimately, kindness toward others.
  3. We believe that discovering one’s purpose or God’s will for your life is intimately integrated with our Father’s Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations.
  4. We believe that God wants another great awakening, to pour out His Spirit on mankind and to engineer another great revival.
  5. We believe God wants to wake the sleeping giant – the life of a man on mission for God. If a man can find his purpose, the reason God placed Him here and now, he can start on a determined journey to fulfil it. 
  6. Furthermore, the catalyst for sustained revival rests in a man who understands his purpose and uses the talents that God has blessed him with. Salvation may jumpstart revival but a man on “purpose” will sustain it.
  7. We believe that the operation of a man’s gifts and talents in the life and mind of a man redeemed by the gospel of Jesus Christ will generally cause him to fulfil the plan that God has for his life. In other words, as he uses his gifts and talents, he will generally start to fulfil God’s plan for his life.
  8. We believe that if a man understands the significance of his purpose, he comes alive, fully reflecting the glory of a risen King in his family, his career, his church, his community and his nation.
  9. We believe that if a man finds his purpose, he leaves a lasting, meaningful legacy.
  10. We want men to dream again. If they can find the courage to pursue their dreams, it gives them God-given purpose and direction, and it advances His Kingdom.